Accounting Consultancy


  • Review of Existing Accounting System

We carry out review of accounting systems in order to identify the weaknesses in the configuration and data capture resulting in inadequate financial reporting. We offer structured solutions in terms of improving the system configurations to ensure completeness of data capture and integrated financial reporting for external statutory compliances as well as internal Management Information System.

  • Managing Out-sourced Accounting Processes

We have the capability to manage the entire accounting function which maybe out-sourced to us. Only the basic input details (vouchers, etc) needs to be provided to us and the entire accounting would be carried out by our personnel on either our machines at our premises or on the customer’s machines at his premises. The final outputs would be generated in pre-defined formats at mutually decided time frames. The out-sourcing could be complete or partial depending on the needs of the customer. We may also provide temporary hands for carrying out specific accounting / data entry jobs for our customers.

  • Training on Accounting Concepts and Standard Accounting Packages

Training modules can be customized according to the needs of the customer, to include basic or advanced accounting concepts to augment the understanding of the accounting process. The standard of the module maybe scaled up or down based on the level of knowledge and understanding of Accounting of the target employees of the customer. We also carry out need-based training of various modules of the Accounting Software Tally to enable the users to make full use of all the available facilities offered by the software.

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