Corporate Advisory


  • Organisation Review

We carry out review of organization structures, which might have become complicated over the years or needs re-orientation due to the changes in the marketplace and products. We provide practical recommendations about restructuring the organization structure to cut redundancies and create a more business focused team of people.

  • System Studies

We have the expertise to carry out system studies in pre-defined areas to streamline the business processes according to the needs of the top management. Our approach is to go into the details of financial processes and make them compatible to the needs of the business while ensuring that all statutory compliances are achieved.

  • Process and Procedure Documentation

We have observed that small and medium organizations often suffer due to inadequate process and procedure documentation. We carry out specific and need based process and procedure documentation to ensure that fast growing organizations do not face any problems.

  • Project Reports

We prepare need based project reports for approaching banks and financial institutions for long term or working capital finance. Our professionals have in-depth experience in project finance, corporate finance and corporate credit.

  • Corporate Training

Customised training modules can be developed for training your employees in specific areas of accounting, finance or taxation. We ensure that the training modules are compact so that the objective of the training programme is achieved in the minimum possible time.

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